Editorial board

Dr Coralie Acheson, Arup, UK. Expertise as a heritage consultant and archaeologist, specialising in heritage values, World Heritage and tourism.

Associate Professor Anna S. Agbe-Davies, Department of Anthropology, University of North Carolina. With expertise in the archaeology of plantation societies of the colonial south-eastern US and Caribbean; and towns and cities of the 19th and 20th century Midwest, with a particular focus on the African diaspora.

Dr Tiina Äikäs, Archaeology, University of Oulu, Finland – expertise in Sámi offering places, contemporary use of sacred places, and meanings of cultural heritage

Assistant Professor Dante Angelo, University of Tarapacá, Departamento de Antropología, Arica, Chile – expertise in social and cultural anthropology; historical and contemporary archaeology; ethnography.

Lara Band, Lead Archaeologist, CITiZAN’s East Kent Coast Discovery Programme, Museum of London Archaeology, U.K. Expertise in historical and contemporary archaeology, community archaeology, climate heritage, art-archaeology, built heritage and gravestone studies.

Associate Professor April Beisaw, Vassar College, United States – expertise in cultural change and resilience in the relatively recent past (1300 AD to yesterday).

Dr Barbara Brayshay – freelance researcher and a Director of ‘Living Maps’, a network of researchers, community activists, artists and others with a common interest in the use of mapping for social change, public engagement and creative forms of community action.

Dr Tania Casimiro, Instituto de Arqueologia e Paleociências and at the Institute of Contemporary History, Lisbon, Portugal – expertise in European archaeology; conservation and heritage; postmedieval archaeology; contemporary archaeology, and tangible culture.

Assistant Professor Rui Gomes Coelho, Department of Archaeology, Durham University, U.K. – expertise in Historical Archaeology. and the intersections of materiality, visual culture, and politics.

Associate Professor Zoe Crossland, Department of Anthropology, Columbia University, United States – expertise in affliction and trauma; bodies and bios; Anthropocene; morality and ethics; science and its discontents; memory; museums and the archive.

Dr James Dixon, Conservation Officer at Cheshire West and Chester Council, U.K. – expertise as a heritage consultant, archaeologist, specialising in public archaeology, art-archaeology, and built heritage.

Louise Fowler MPhil, Research and Engagement Officer at Museum of London Archaeology, U.K. – expertise in historical archaeology, post-excavation, specialist finds analysis, and curatorial practices.

Dr Ursula K Frederick, University of Canberra –expertise in art theory; visual arts and crafts; archaeology; photography; creative practice; mobilities; curatorial, heritage and museum studies.

Dr Tiffany C. (Cain) Fryer, Anthropology, Princeton, United States – expertise in how legacies of the past e.g. colonialism inform present day political consciousness and imaginations of the future.

Professor Shawn Graham, Carleton University, Canada – expertise in digital history and virtual archaeology.

Associate Professor Mark Hauser, Northwestern University, United States – expertise in colonialism and archaeology in the Caribbean and India.

Dr Alexandra Jones – ‘Archaeology in the Community’, Washington DC – founder and chief executive of Archaeology in the Community – expertise as an education leader focused on community outreach and service.

Dr J. Kelechi Ugwuanyi, Department of Archaeology & Tourism, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria. Expertise in heritage studies, museum, tourism, and contemporary archaeology.

Associate Professor Kostis Kourelis, Franklin & Marshall College, United States – expertise in art history, architecture, and archaeology; historical archaeology; Greece, migration and refugees.

Associate Professor Laura McAtackney, Aarhus, Denmark/historical archaeologist/prisons/legend.

Dr Colleen Morgan, lecturer in archaeology and digital heritage, Department of Archaeology, University of York, U.K. – expertise in digital media and archaeology, embodiment, avatars, genetics and bioarchaeology.

Nour Munawar, PhD candidate – School of Heritage, Memory, and Material Culture, University of Amsterdam – expertise in cultural heritage management and conflict archaeology; reconstructing Syrian and Iraqi cultural heritage in post-conflict time.

Tiago Silva Alves Muniz, PhD candidate in Anthropology (Archaeology) at Federal University of Pará (Brazil); Visiting researcher at Dept. of Cultural Sciences at Linnaeus University (Sweden). Expertise in historical and contemporary archaeology; Amazonian archaeology.

Dr Jeff Oliver, Department of Archaeology, University of Aberdeen, Scotland – expertise in landscape and historical archaeology; contemporary archaeology; post-colonial Canada and improvement age in Britain.

Dr Leila Papoli-Yazdi, University of Gothenburg – historical archaeologist; politics of gender and archaeology; material culture of the Middle East and Iran.

Dr Angela Piccini, School of Arts, University of Bristol, U.K. – expertise in Screen Media; practice-asresearch / film & video archives / documentary film & TV / artist film / place & space / media archaeology / archaeologies of the recent past / community-university collaboration / material culture / heritage media.

Dr Toby Pillatt, Digital Creativity Labs, University of York – expertise in archaeology, landscape archaeology, digital archaeology and heritage; education and outreach.

Associate Professor Layla Renshaw, Kingston University, U.K. – expert in forensic archaeology, Spanish Civil War archaeology; archaeology in post-conflict investigations, human remains and traumatic memory; public and media perceptions of forensics.

Dr Antonia Thomas, Lecturer in Archaeology, University of the Highlands and Islands (Scotland) – expertise in visual and material culture – stone-carving and sculpture, vernacular buildings, prehistoric art and architecture, graffiti and mark-making – museum studies, ways of seeing in archaeology, and the commonalities between archaeology and art practice.

Associate Professor Justin St P Walsh, Chapman University, United States – expertise in Mediterranean Archaeology; Greek Pottery; Protection of Cultural Heritage; Space Archaeology.

Dr Jobbe Wijnen, researcher on contemporary heritage and conflict archaeology at Wijnen Cultuurhistorisch Onderzoek in Wageningen, Netherlands, with expertise in public narratives of industrial heritage. Also, Director of the International Center for Pull Tab Archaeology.

Dr Timo Ylimaunu, Archaeology, University of Oulu, Finland – expertise in Scandanavia, twentieth century history; dark heritage and memories; collective memory.