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New specialist sub series from BAR Publishing.

Series Editors: William Caraher (North Dakota) and Rachael Kiddey (Cambridge)

This series embraces all forms of theory in contemporary and historical archaeologies, and particularly those which increase our understanding of how the past can be a mode through which values of equality, human rights, and social justice may be redefined to shape the present. Since the 1960s, archaeologists have periodically sought to bring their particular expertise to landscapes and material culture of the historical and very recent past. Such Contemporary and Historical Archaeologies have, since 2003, have had a home in the form of the annual Contemporary and Historical Archaeological Theory (CHAT) conference. While contributions to CHAT have been wide-ranging in terms of fieldwork locations and methodological approaches, they have consistently, and probably necessarily, sought to address the political climate in which they are practised.

The series will publish theoretically oriented excavation reports and object studies, conference proceedings and revised doctoral theses. BAR and the CHAT committee are enthusiastic about exploring non-standard formats on a case-by-case basis. These could be open access, born digital, interactive and more depending on target readership. We encourage you to speak to us early in the process to discuss ideas. To ensure academic relevance, we encourage conference proceedings to be published within two years of the conference session taking place. Manuscripts from those originating from and working outside the regions of North/West Europe and North America are particularly welcomed. We will publish in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

BAR Publishing is a leading publisher in academic archaeology based in Oxford, UK. Founded in 1974 with a mission to innovate, the BAR Series covers all key areas of archaeological research. We have published over 3,600 titles in what is the largest series of archaeological research in the world. In adding to this impressive archive, our focus is to provide a first-class publishing service for archaeologists, enabling researchers to publish important work quickly and efficiently, which is then distributed to the widest possible audience worldwide.

  • International series and British series of BAR titles are a well-established and internationally recognisable brand
  • We peer review all new manuscripts
  • We seek out quality academic manuscripts from all areas of archaeology worldwide
  • All titles will be included in the BAR Digital Collection for libraries and key institutions
  • We publish in five languages: English, French, German, Spanish and Italian
  • We are able to publish rapidly, enabling your manuscript to be printed within a few months
  • You will work with publishing experts able to advise you on shaping your book to be the best it can be
  • BAR titles are available in major libraries worldwide and for purchase around the world
  • We undertake extensive sales and marketing activities to ensure that your book has maximum reach and impact
  • We do not ask authors for contributions towards the costs of publishing

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“The reputation and standing of BAR Publishing in the academic archaeological community is extremely high because it performs the vital function of publishing essential, specialised material.”

Susan Pearce, Emeritus Professor of Museum Studies, University of Leicester

“It was a wonderful experience to work with the BAR team. All the people were extremely kind, polite and they supported me in every way.”

Dr Konstantina Saliari, Naturhistorisches Museum Wien, author of BAR S2892