Since its establishment in 2003, the group has held annual conferences in October/November. The mission of the CHAT Standing Committee is to ensure the continuity, quality and ongoing development of the conference series. Conferences are run by organizations or institutions in dialogue with, but independent of, the CHAT Standing Committee. We are happy to provide help and advice to the organizing committee at any point during the planning and organizing of the conference. Local organizers may also be co-opted on to the Standing Committee for the period of conference organization. CHAT currently alternates conferences between broad and specific themes (see past conferences for examples) and conference hosts are secured up to 18 months in advance. CHAT champions innovation in media and presentation and seeks to broaden participation and when funds are available the CHAT Standing Committee will offer bursaries to its annual conferences.

If you are interested in hosting a CHAT conference

We welcome proposals from all interested parties. Those interested in hosting should contact the current Chair or a member of the Standing Committee. Host organizations are chosen by the committee according to the suitability of their conference proposals. Therefore, we offer each organizing committee some guidelines. Some of these guidelines are options or mere tips, others are key to the success of the conference and are more closely monitored by the Standing Committee. Proposals that may not fit the usual conference format, or that depart from previous conferences in some way are encouraged. We ask, however, that proposals should consider openness and access as a priority, and offer solutions to any impediments to accessibility, whether economic or physical.

If you have any questions do Contact Us!