Future Conferences


10-12 November 2022, Lisbon, Portugal

Organizing committee: Tânia Manuel Casimiro (IHC—Institute of Contemporary History, NOVA University of Lisbon) and Rui Gomes Coelho (Durham University, UK)

In 2022, we return to our in-person meetings and invite you to join us in Lisbon to consider the theme “Decolonize!”

The development of archaeology as a discipline has been connected to the emergence of modernity, with its projects of empire and nation-state formation. In the last decades, post-colonial critiques have challenged the role of archaeology in the reproduction of power structures that enable inequality across class, ethnic, and racial lines. Meanwhile, archaeologists came up with new archaeological practices that engage with communities’ concerns and address social problems. However, historical and contemporary archaeology has been largely absent from this conversation, particularly in Europe.

At this CHAT meeting we will address the following question: What can we do to decolonize historical and contemporary archaeology?

We welcome papers that question the coloniality of archaeological knowledge by discussing topics such as imperialism, nationalism, slavery, migration, identity, capitalism, industrialization, collaboration, among others. Given the position of Lisbon in the emergence of modern colonialism, we also invite participants to engage with theoretical and methodological approaches that engage with alternative ontologies, particularly from the Global South.

About Lisbon

Lisbon is a major port city at the crossroads of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, and one of the most cosmopolitan citys in southern Europe. From the early modern period, the Portuguese capital was an important hub connected to different parts of the world. As a result, Lisbon’s culturally diverse population inhabits today an urban landscape that reflects histories of tradition and industrialization, empire and decolonization, social diversity and intolerance. Together we will encounter this multifaceted city in its streets, but also in its museums, restaurants, bookstores, and nightlife.

About the conference venue

The conference venue will be the Padrão dos Descobrimentos in the riverside neighborhood of Belém. The venue is a fascist monument built twice (1940s and 1960s) to celebrate empire. Apartheid South Africa bequeathed the decorative compass that can be seen outside. The venue and its location will be the ideal spot for this CHAT conference, encouraging participants to reflect on the legacies of modern empires in archaeological practice, urban landscapes, and in museum collections. Participants will have the chance to visit the monumental area of Belém and have easy access to Lisbon’s city center and Cascais’ seaside.

Organizing committee

Tânia Manuel CASIMIRO (IHC—Institute of Contemporary History, NOVA University of Lisbon) and Rui Gomes COELHO (Durham University, UK), are archaeologists who work in the fields of historical and contemporary archaeology, focusing on topics such as colonialism and decolonization, globalization, slavery, migrations, industrialization and heritage management.


The National Museum of Archaeology in Belém is accessible by public transportation (train, tram, bus) from Lisbon’s city center (30 minutes) and Lisbon’s international airport (1 hour).


We are very grateful to the National Museum and NOVA University of Lisbon for sponsoring the meeting.

In 2017, a statue of well known 17th century Portuguese priest, Padre António Vieira, was erected in Lisbon. He was responsible for the evangelization of indian populations in Brazil. In 2020, this staute which represents the priest and three Indian children was painted with the word DESCOLONIZA (the portuguese word for decolonize).