In light of the events that we are living these days, the CHAT Standing Committee acknowledges the injustice, inequality, and institutional racism faced by Black people around the world and we recognise that Black Lives Matter. We aim to provide a platform to champion the work of our colleagues of colour, as well as colleagues who find themselves in difficult positions all around the world.

Therefore, the Standing Committee will work to make our conferences, meetings, publishing platforms, social media pages, and our other social and academic spheres safe, unifying, energising, supportive, and egalitarian for all members regardless of race, class, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, or dis/ability. Archaeology is inherently political, and can be easily used by those who wish to interpret the past in ways that support racist, colonial, and imperialistic narratives with a strong effect in the present. As a community, we must adopt a no-tolerance position to such misuses of archaeology and history in order to lay the foundations for a 'new normal' with equality at its forefront.