Previous CHAT publications with BAR include

Other CHAT related publications:

  • The book of festivalCHAT session: M(C)AGA - A Photo Essay on Latin American Approaches to Contemporary Archaeology, edited by Tiago Silva Allves Muniz and Jaime Almansa-Sánchez [mainly in Portuguese and Spanish] (JAS Arqueología 2020).
  • Papers from the 2007 Sheffield CHAT conference were recently published as Historical Archaeologies of Cognition: Explorations into Faith, Hope and Charity, edited by James Symonds, Anna Badcock and Jeff Oliver (Equinox 2013). See further information here
  • Papers from the 2011 Boston CHAT conference were published as Archaeologies of Mobility and Movement, edited by Mary Beaudry and Travis Parno (Springer, 2013). See further information here»
  • Papers from the 2009 CHAT@TAG session were published as a special guest edited volume of Archaeologies journal: Perspectives on the Recent Past, Archaeologies 6(1) 2010, edited by Brent Fortenberry and Adrian Myers. See further information here»
  • Papers from the 2010 Aberdeen CHAT conference were published as: Oliver, J.M. & Curtis, N. (eds) (2015). 'Contemporary and Historical Archaeology of the North'. Historical Archaeology, vol 49, no. 1.
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