Friday, 10 November: 2pm – 5pm

Session 1: Method and Materiality (Chair: Angela Piccini)

• The Driest Stuff that Blows? "More-than-Social" Archaeologies of Life, Affect and Materiality | Dan Hicks, University of Bristol
• The Material Culture of the Middle Passage | Jane Webster, University of Newcastle upon Tyne
• Material and Immaterial Remains: Stone Quarries and the Cultural Heritage | Åsa Algotsson and Stig Swedberg, Rio Kulturkooperativ, Sweden
• Isotopic Analysis as a Tool in Historical Archaeology: Using C, N & Sr Isotopes to Reconstruct Forgotten Afro-Caribbean Life Histories | Hannes Schroeder, Research Laboratory for Archaeology and the History of Art, University of Oxford

3.30 Tea

• Objects and Biographies: A Stoneware Bottle from Clerkenwell, London | Nigel Jeffries Museum of London Specialist Services
• Methodology in East African Historical Archaeology: Global Goods at a Local Level | Sarah Croucher, Manchester University and Stephanie Wynne-Jones, British Institute in Eastern Africa
• Archaeology Dreaming: Post-apartheid Urban Imaginaries and the Bones of the Prestwich Street Dead | Nick Shepherd, University of Cape Town

Discussant | Professor Mary Beaudry, Boston University

6.00 Wine Reception (in Wickham Theatre Bar) and Keynote Papers (Chair: Joshua Pollard, Head of Section for Archaeology and Anthropology)

• Aspects of Method and Practice in Historical Archaeology | Gavin Lucas, Institute of Archaeology, Iceland
• Bringing a Literary Bent to Archaeologies of the Recent Past | Laurie A. Wilkie, University of California, Berkeley

7.30 Close

(Tea & Coffee available from 8.45am)

Saturday, 11 November: 9.30am - 11am
Session 2: Method and Politics (Chair: John Schofield)

• Multivalent Histories of The Recent Past: Archaeology and Racialization in The American Midwest | Christopher C. Fennell, Department of Anthropology, University Of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
• ‘What’s a Boy Like You Doing in a Place Like This?’: Thoughts on Colonialism and Historical Archaeology from a ‘Hawaiian’ Perspective | James L. Flexner, Department of Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley
• Archaeological Tourism and Tourist Erotics | Christopher N. Matthews, Hofstra University and Matthew Palus, Columbia University
• Historic Preservation: Reckoning the Future in Annapolis, Maryland | Matthew D. Cochran, University College London
• What Do Historical Archaeologists Do? Bring Down a Government or Two, That’s All! | Paul Farnsworth, Louisiana State University

Discussant | Professor Matthew Johnson, University of Southampton

11.00 Coffee

Saturday, 11 November: 11.30am-1pm
Session 3: Archaeology, Oral History and Memory (Chair: Lisa Hill)

• Talking landscapes: Oral History and the Archaeology of the Countryside | David Harvey and Mark Riley, University of Exeter
• Finding the Maison de Marie-Thérèse: Archaeologies and Oral History | Kevin C. MacDonald, UCL, David W. Morgan, Northwestern State University and Fiona J.L. Handley, Winchester School of Art
• Archaeology on the Battlefields: An Ethnography of the Western Front | Ross J. Wilson, University of York
• Archaeology and Memory of the Second World War: Towards a Community-based Approach | Gabriel Moshenska, UCL

1.00 Lunch (provided)

Saturday, 11 November: 2pm-5pm
Session 4: Method in Community Archaeology and Contemporary Archaeology (Chair: Christine Finn)

• Local Landscapes of Global Resistance: Recording and Re-encountering the Greenham Common Women’s peace Camps | Yvonne Marshall, University of Southampton and Professor Sasha Roseneil, Sociology and Gender Studies, University of Leeds
• Engaging Communities in Past-tellings: Historical Archaeology in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia | Jodi Barnes, American University
• In the Pub, on the Ground: Doing Ethnography About Archaeology in the Parish of Stenness, Orkney | Angela J. McClanahan, University of Glasgow
• “If You Can Walk Down the Street and Recognise the Difference Between Cast Iron and Wrought Iron, the World is Altogether a Better Place.” The Greater London Industrial Archaeology Society: A Case Study | Hilary Geoghegan, Royal Holloway, University of London

3.30 Tea

• Forging Past? Archaeology and Memory at Wednesbury, West Midlands | Emma Dwyer and William Mitchell, Ironbridge Archaeology
• Forging Relationships: The Interplay of Stakeholders at the West Point Foundry, Cold Spring, New York | Vanessa McLean, Michigan Technological University
• "How does Buchenwald sound?" Approaching the same material in new ways at the Buchenwald Concentration Camp | Ronald Hirte and Jan Brüggemeier, Heritage Radio Network, Weimar, Germany

Discussant | Kate Clark, Heritage Lottery Fund

Saturday, 11 November: 5pm-8pm

A break in proceedings for an early dinner (Delegates to make their own arrangements, and to make their way to the Cube Arts Centre, where the bar will be open from 7pm.

A walking party will leave the Wickham Theatre for the Cube at 7.30 (the Cube is a short 10-minute walk away – see map).

Saturday, 11 November: 8pm-10pm
Session 5: Method and Hybrid Archaeologies (at the Cube Arts Centre, Stokes Croft, Bristol) (Chair: Dan Hicks)

• Leaving Home (visual version) | Christine Finn, University of Bristol
• "Telling Stories": When Archaeology meets Art | Lee Fearnside, College of the Holy Cross (Worcester, MA) and Krysta Ryzewski, Brown University
• The Van: In Transit... | Greg Bailey and Cassie Newland, Bristol University; John Schofield, English Heritage; Anna Nilsson, WS Atkins
• Reflexive Representations: The Partibility of Archaeology | Andrew Cochrane, University of Cardiff and Ian Russell, Trinity College Dublin (see also poster display in Wickham Theatre Lobby, throughout the conference)
• A Pox in Your Guts | Paul Rooney, University of Wolverhampton
• Hair and Skin, Fur and Shit: the Low-life of a Railway Station | Angela Piccini, University of Bristol
• The Dense Overlays of Many Lives: Ephemeron, Trace, Residue| Douglass Bailey, Cardiff University and Mike Pearson, University of Wales, Aberystwyth

Cube Bar closes late


(tea and coffee available from 8.30am)

Sunday, 12 November: 9am-10.30am
Session 6: Method and Documents (Chair: David Robinson)

• Historical and Archaeological Perspectives of the Countryside and Rural Communities in Southern Italy | Antoon Mientjes, Free University of Amsterdam
• Reconstructing the English Civil War Through Documentary Archaeology | John Mabbitt, University of Newcastle upon Tyne
• Things and Words – Bringing Together the Material and Historical Records of the Isle Brevelle, Cane River, Natchitoches, Louisiana | Fiona J.L. Handley, Winchester School of Art, Kevin C. MacDonald, University College London, and David W. Morgan, Northwestern State University
• Doing Archaeology of the Recent Past in the Mormon Domain | Tim Scarlett, Michigan Technological University

10.30 Coffee

Sunday, 12 November:11am-1pm
Session 7: Method and Modernity (Chair: Laura McAtackney)
• The Archaeology of the Last Scrape of the Trowel | Matt Edgeworth, Freelance Archaeologist
• Approaching Modern Material in Developer-funded Archaeology | James Dixon, PCA Archaeology
• Images of Change: Landscapes of the Later 20th century | Sefryn Penrose, WS Atkins Consultants
• England's Atomic Age: Developing Methods to Investigate Nuclear Installations | Wayne Cocroft, English Heritage
• Doing Future Archaeology: Performance and Practice | Laura Watts, Centre for Science Studies, Lancaster University

Concluding Remarks | Professor Peter S. Wells, Department of Anthropology, University of Minnesota

1.30 Close