CHAT in Dublin
18th-2th November 2005

FRIDAY November 18th

11am – 1.00pm Registration
2pm Welcome
2.00 – 2.30pm Caitlin DeSilvey (Geography, Open University):
Ghost town polarities
2.30 – 3pm James Dixon (Pre-Construct Archaeology):
Metropolis now: colonial encounters in post-colonial London
3pm – 3.30pm Christine Finn (Archaeology, University of Bradford):
Eternal and Ethereal: an archaeologist's (online) diary of Rome.
Coffee break
4 – 4.30pm Colin Breen (Maritime Studies, University of Ulster):
Red on Green: re-politicising an archaeology of the island of Ireland's recent past
4.30 – 5pm Laura McAtackney (Archaeology, Bristol):
Subversion and the institutions of inequality: Long Kesh/Maze Prison site, Northern Ireland
5 – 5.30pm Layla Renshaw (Kingston University / UCL):
Republican mass graves from the Spanish Civil War
7pm Matthew Johnson (Archaeology, Southampton)

SATURDAY November 19th

9.30 – 10am Kirsty Owen (Archaeology, University of Leicester):
Incisive voices: the interpretation of church graffiti after the Reformation
10 – 10.30am Siân Jones (Archaeology, University of Manchester)
“Testimony to the abilities of artists in an early period of improvement in taste and design”: ‘polite’ culture and the appropriation of early medieval sculpture in Scotland
10.30 – 11am Theresa Oakley (Archaeology, University of Southampton):
The shock of the sheela
Coffee break
11.30 – 12noon Mark Gordon (Archaeology UCD):
title to be announced
12 – 12.30pm Mairín Ní Cheallaigh (Archaeology, UCD Dublin):
‘Giants of land’ and murdering hags: ‘high’ and ‘low’ perceptions of castles in 19th-century Ireland
12.30 – 1pm Stephen A. Brighton (Anthropology, University of Maryland):
The Irish diaspora in America: alienation and struggle between Irish immigrants and native born-Americans in New York City, c.1850-1880
Lunch break
2.30 – 3pm Cassie Newland (Archaeology, Bristol):
title to be announced
3 – 3.30pm Julie H. Ernstein (Anthropology, College of William & Mary):
Theorizing suburbia: closing the gap between method and theory in suburban studies
3.30 – 4pm Sarah May (English Heritage):
Railway rubbish
Coffee break
4.30 – 5pm Carolyn L. White (Anthropology, University of Nevada):
Title to be announced
5 – 5.30pm Paul Graves-Brown ():
AK47: A new chapter in the social history of the machine gun
5.30 – 6pm Sally V. Smith (Archaeology, University of Sheffield):
Contexts of lordship: control and resistance in the late medieval English village

SUNDAY November 20th

10-10.30am Audrey J. Horning (Archaeology, University of Leicester):
The ever-present past, the ever-arriving present: exploring the implications of post-colonial approaches in Irish historical archaeology
10.30 – 11am James Lyttleton (Archaeology, University College Cork):
Irish colonial archaeology – a post-colonial discourse
11 – 11.30am Mark Horton (Archaeology, University of Bristol):
"It is forbidden to wash bicycles in the lily ponds": colonial and postcolonial approaches to heritage in Zanzibar
Coffee break
12noon – 1pm Comments by Charles E. Orser and Tadhg O’Keeffe
End of Conference