CHAT 2017

Heritage, Memory, Art and Agency

3-5 November 2017

Doelenzaal, UvA, Singel 425, Amsterdam

Day 1 – Friday 3rd November 2017

09:15 – 09:50

09:50 – 10:00
Welcome Speech by Prof. James Symonds

10:00 – 11:30
Session one
1- Remembering loss: some thoughts about sustainability and resilience in heritage
• Cornelius Holtorf, Linnaeus University, Kalmar, Sweden
2- The Politics of Postcolonial Remembrance: Examining ‘Heritage’ and ‘Nostalgia’ in Hong Kong
• Sonia Lam-Knott, National University of Singapore, Singapore
3- “What are you going to do about it?...You must choose, brothers, you must choose.” Resonance and Dissonance in the Archaeology of Contemporary Detroit
• Krysta Ryzewski, Wayne State University, Detroit, USA
4- From Invisibility To Authenticity: Heritage Sites In Post-Conflict Context
• Tonka Maric, University of Granada, Spain
11:30 – 12:00
Coffee break
12:00 – 13:30
Session Two
1- River Amstel reflecting the city. Archaeology of the Amsterdam North/South metro.
• Jerzy Gawronski, Univeristy of Amsterdam (UvA) and Municipality of Amsterdam
2- Creating ‘Future Histories’ at Kilmainham Gaol: some thoughts from an archaeologist and an artist
• Laura McAtackney, Aarhus University, Denmark and Niamh Murphy, Dublin Live Art Festive
3- Buried books in history and archaeology
• Gabriel Moshenska, University College London, UK
4- ‘Storying’ the unwanted legacy. Who did decide to keep or demolish the fascist symbols in Littoria/Latina?
• Antonia Liguori, Loughborough University, UK & Pietro Antonelli, ‘Dossier’ and ‘Il Settimanale di Latina’

13:30 – 14:00
14:00 – 15:30
Session Three
1- Speculative Archaeologies: Brief Histories of Future Misinterpretation
• Colin Sterling, University College London, UK
2- Historical Justice, Collective Memory, and Identity Building among Lithuanian Russians
• Monika Frėjutė-Rakauskienė, Lithuanian Social Research Centre, Lithuania
3- Between Memory and Forgetting: Former Sites of Imprisonment in Post-Dictatorship Buenos Aires and Madrid
• Andrea Hepworth, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
4- Navy Seals: inventing WWII narratives for the non-human
• Anna McWilliams, Södertörn University, Sweden
15:30 – 16:00


Coffee break
16:00 – 17:30
Session Four
1- The Archbishop of Canterbury and ‘An Unknown sailor of the Great War’ – the British in the Finnish World War II photography
• Timo Ylimaunu and Tuuli Koponen, University of Oulu (UO), Finland, and Paul R. Mullins, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI), Indiana, USA
2- Queer memories of urban space – A community art project in Helsinki
• Visa Immonen, University of Helsinki, Finland
3- From Trash to National Treasure: A Tannery’s logbook and 100 Years of Finnish Independence
• Pirkko Koppinen, Kingston University London, UK
4- ‘The stars look different tonight’ Celebrity veneration and the creation of spontaneous street shrines
• Paul Graves-Brown, University College London, UK and Hilary Orange, Ruhr Universität Bochum, Germany
17:30 – 20:00
Reception at The Amsterdam School for Heritage, Memory and Material Culture
Day 2 – Saturday 4th November 2017

Coffee break
Session Five
1- Re-activating Roman Ruins: art, heritage and agency in the regeneration of industrial sites
• Jilke Golbach, University College London, UK
2- Performing recognition: making Aboriginal cultural heritage visible in urban public space
• Sally MacLennan, Office of Environment and Heritage, Australia
3- The Accompanied Visit: Accessing Visitor Meanings in the Museum
• Inge Kalle-den Oudsten, University of Amsterdam (UvA), The Netherlands
4- After Repatriation: Institutional History and Memory
• Elizabeth Marlowe, Colgate University, USA
Coffee break
Session Six
1- Architecture and memory: The Armenian religious architecture in Turkey
• Francesca Penoni, Polytechnic University of Turin, Italy
2- Heritage as domination and the limits of archaeological imagination: a cautionary tale from Silwan/Ir David.
• Silvia Truini, University of Exeter and University of Southampton, UK
3- Battlefield De Punt: Dutch dilemmas in the archaeology of postcolonial Moluccan conflict
• Jobbe Wijnen

Session Seven
1- Giftschrank and memorials – the Great waterfront city
• Sarah May, University College London, UK
2- Embroidering the truth? Representations of the German occupation and its legacy and heritage in the Channel Islands
• Gilly Carr, University of Cambridge, UK
3- Instagramming the Iron Bridge: examining the performances of tourist photography in the Ironbridge Gorge
• Coralie Acheson, University of Birmingham, UK
4- "A world of many worlds". Decolonizing the archaeology of Cape Town's District Six and District One.
• Christian Ernsten, Reinwardt Academy, Amsterdam University of Arts, Netherlands
Coffee break
Book Launch & Discussion at Potgieter hall at the University Library

Posters Presentation & Film Screening at Belle van Zullen hall, the University Library
Conference reception at De Brakke Grond (Nes 45, Amsterdam)
Day 3 – Sunday 5th November 2017

Session Eight
1- Protection of cultural heritage and intentional destructions
• Alessandra Spreafico, Cesare Tocci, Politecnico di Torino, Italy
2- “Dear Palmyra, I miss you”: understanding memory and heritage politics through the Palmyra Arch installation in Trafalgar Square
• Zena Kamash, University College London, UK

3- Italian Refugee Project: The Built Environment of Home
• Carolyn White, University of Nevada, USA, Steven Seidenberg, Artist and Myles McCallum, St. Mary’s University, Canada
14:30 – 15:00
Goodbye speech and concluding remarks