University College London,
8th-10th November 2013
Organisers Rodney Harrison, Sefryn Penrose and Gabe Moshenska

Friday 8th November 2013

1200 - 1400 Registration, South Cloisters
1400 - 1530 Session 1. Conference overview/framing discussions (Gustave Tuck LT)
Rodney Harrison, Sefryn Penrose and Gabe Moshenska, Introduction to the conference
Cornelius Holtorf, Experiencing the past: from age-value to pastness
Paul Graves-Brown, Rabbits out of hats, or habits out of rats: advertising, experience and
material culture
1530 - 1600 Tea/coffee, South Cloisters
1600-1730 Session 2. Methodological reflections (Gustave Tuck LT)
Krysta Ryzewski, Detroit, City on the Move: Contemporary/Historical Archaeologies and the
Future-Making of Urban Space
Paul Mullins, Experiencing Absence: The Material Culture of Trauma
Gair Dunlop, Relics of Recent Futures

1730-1830 Drinks Reception/Book Launch for The Oxford Handbook of the Archaeology of the
Contemporary World (Paul Graves-Brown, Rodney Harrison and Angela Piccini eds, 2013),
sponsored by Oxford University Press, South Cloisters

Saturday 9th November 2013

0900 - 0930 Tea/coffee, South Cloisters
0930 - 1100 Session 3. Archaeologies of Experience (1) (Gustave Tuck LT)
Tiina Äikäs & Janne Ikäheimo, Shooting in(to) dark? Imaging and experiencing the site of The
Age of Iron
Titta Kallio-Seppa, Annemari Tranberg & Timo Ylimaunu, Smells, wetness and memory -
experiencing urban environment in Northern Swedish town Oulu
Tiina Kuokkanen, Tiina Äikäs, Wesa Perttola, Olli Kunnas & Riku Mönkkönen, Feeling the
festival –Archaeological study of a rock festival in Seinäjoki, Finland
1100-1130 Tea/coffee, South Cloisters
1130-1300 Session 4. Archaeologies of Experience (2) (Gustave Tuck LT)
Daniel Lee & Antonia Thomas, Archaeologists-in-residence at Papay Gyro Nights: experience,
expectations and folklore-in-the-making
Greig Parker & Clare McVeigh, Understanding the Contemporary Gypsy Traveller Experience
through the Analysis of Memorials
David Petts & Quentin Lewis, Heartbreak Hill: The landscapes of depression in East Cleveland
1300-1400 Lunch, South Cloisters
1400-1530 Session 5. Archaeology, Art and Commemoration (Gustave Tuck LT)
Sharon Veale, In between: An encounter between archaeology, art and heritage interpretation
Carolyn White & Steven Seidenberg, The Artists’ Experience: Archaeology of Art in Berlin
Sarah May, Changing experience of distributed commemoration
1530-1600 Tea/coffee, South Cloisters
1600-1730 Session 6. Experiencing archaeology: Autoarchaeologies (Gustave Tuck LT)
Caron Lipman, Living with the Past at Home: Domestic Prehabitation and Inheritance
Jonathan Gardner, Hazardous materiality: archaeologists and contaminants
Steve Brown, Experiencing attachment: an auto-ethnography on digging and belonging
1730-1830 Drinks Reception (sponsored by Atkins Heritage), South Cloisters
1830-1930 Film screenings (Gustave Tuck LT)
Gair Dunlop, Atom town
Toby Pillatt & Gemma Thorpe, A break in the clouds
Nick Edwards, Thieves Corner: One night in 1976 and 30,000 years of history

Sunday 10th November 2013

0900-0930 Tea/coffee, South Cloisters
0930-1100 Session 7. Archaeology, heritage and theming (1) (Gustave Tuck LT)
Jane Eva Baxter, Legitimizing Atlantis: The Use of Artificial Archaeology to Establish Heritage
and Create a Sense of Place
Gilly Carr, Re-experiencing the Occupation and mediating the past: authenticity and conflict
heritage in the Channel Islands
Mads Daugbjerg, Historical experience, battlefield rehabilitation and the spectral turn: Reassembling
and reassessing the paranormal in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
1100-1130 Tea/coffee, South Cloisters
1130-1300 Session 8. Archaeology, heritage and theming (2) (Gustave Tuck LT)
David Harvey & Nicola Whyte, Archaeologies of (un)authorised heritage: personal and public
memory at Ankerwycke Yew, Runnymede
Janne Ikäheimo & Irmeli Pääkkönen, “In the true spirit of Kalevala”: archaeologizing the national
epic for experience tourism
Peta Longhurst, Authenticity, Experience and the Living Museum
1300-1330 Depart