CHAT 2012 The CHAT Olympiad
University of York
16th-18th November

Friday 16th November

1200-1350 Registration (Senior Common Room)
1400-1410 Welcome (K133)
Session 1 (K133) Chair: Kate Giles
1410-1430 Gabriel Moshenska Reverse Engineering the Human Environment
1430-1450 Dan Hicks The Theft of Presence: on the Archaeology of Contemporary Pasts
1450-1510 Ross Wilson Surveying New Sites: Archaeologies and Landscapes of the Internet
1510-1530 Questions and Discussion
Coffee Break (K159)
Session 2 (K133) Chair: Rachael Kiddey
1600-1620 Gabriella Soto An Archaeology of the Clandestine Landscape of Undocumented Migration at
the U.S.-Mexico Border
1620-1740 Laura McAtackney et al. Emerald Isle of the Caribbean? Insights into the Historic Irish Presence on
1640-1700 Leila Papoli Yazdi and
Maryam Dezhamkhooy
GAP END: The Iranian Contemporary Archaeologists
1700-1720 Questions and Discussion
1800-1930 YAT Evening Reception: Barley Hall

Saturday 17th November

Session 3 (K133) Chair: John Schofield
0930-0950 Stella Jackson and Nicola
To List or not to List: Contemporary Archaeology as Nationally Significant
0950-1010 Craig Cessford Towards a Developer-Funded Contemporary Archaeology: Threat and/or
1010-1030 Suzanne Lilley Strutt Supports: 'Cottoning On' to the Importance of Workers’ Housing
1030-1050 Katherine Fennelly Building for Surveillance: Early Nineteenth Century Lunatic Asylums and the
Construction of a Therapeutic ‘Machine’
1050-1110 Questions and Discussion
Coffee Break (K159)
Session 4 (K133) Chair: James Symonds
1140-1200 John Sabol Sensuous Archaeologies: The Acoustemology of an American Civil War
Battlefield ‘Hauntscape’
1200-1220 Matt Edgeworth Hubs of Super-Modernity: Roundabouts as Places and Non-Places
1220-1240 Paul Graves-Brown Wandering about
1240-1300 Questions and Discussion
Lunch Break
(King’s Manor Refectory)
Session 5 (K133) Chair: Stella Jackson
1400-1420 Václav Matoušek Summer Villas and Resorts in the Neighbourhood of Prague at the End of the
19TH and During the First Decades of the 20TH Centuries
1420-1440 Quentin Lewis Creative Destruction and the Archaeology of Urban Renewal on the Stockton
High Street
1440-1500 Robert Maxwell An uncommon Horror: Dissonance and Decay in the Chernobyl Exclusion
1500-1520 Marjolijn Kok and Elles
Researching the Now: The Joys and Dilemmas of the Archaeology of Occupy
1520-1540 Questions and Discussion
Coffee Break (K159)
Session 6 (K133) Chair: Suzanne Lilley
1610-1630 Joanna Bruck Landscapes of Desire: Parks, Colonialism and Identity in Victorian and
Edwardian Ireland
1630-1650 Katrina Foxton Available in 6x4: The Consequences of Photographs as Objects
1650-1710 Siân Jones Postcards from the Park: An Exploration of Representation, Materiality and
1710-1740 Steven Leech and Ruth
The Whitworth Park Obelisk: Art, Archaeology and the Recent Past
1740-1800 Questions and Discussion
1800-1930 SPMA Evening Reception: The King’s Manor

Sunday 18th November

Session 7 (K133) Chair: Hilary Paterson
0930-0950 Donnelly Hayde Opulent Apocalypse: Vivos and the Material Politics of End Time Luxury
0950-1010 Hilary Orange This is not Treasure: Recording Lost Objects on London’s Streets
1010-1030 Paul Mullins The Aesthetics of Plumbing: Chamber Pot Figurines and the Politics of Utilities
1030-1050 Ralph Mills £0.99 Archaeology: Small Things Considered
1050-1110 Questions and Discussion
Coffee Break (K159)
Session 8 (K133) Chair: Mark Edmonds
1130-1200 James Symonds presents
Do Not Dig Us, We Are Not Dead Yet! (Film)
1200-1220 Tomáš Hirt Do Not Dig Us!: The Director’s Cut
1220-1240 Ron Wright The Blast!
1240-1300 Questions and Discussion