CHAT 2007
Sheffield, 23rd-25th November 2007
Faith, Hope, and Charity: Finding Belief, Desire, and Benevolence in Archaeologies of the Recent and Contemporary Past

Friday 23rd November

Death & Commemoration

10.45-11.10 A little world or a stinking Jakes? Faith and the dead body in the sixteenth century. Sarah Tarlow, University of Leicester

11.10-11.35 Charity in death: institutional burial in hospital and workhouse cemeteries, c. 1750-1850.. Annia Kristina Cherryson, University of Leicester

11.35-12.00 Casket, Shroud, and Grave: Folks Songs, Emotion, and the Material of Death. Emily Weglian, Cuyahoga Community College Faith in Action: theology and practice in commemorative traditions. Harold Mytum, University of York.


1.40-2.05 A landscape of faith on the Western Front. Ross J Wilson. University of York

2.05-2.30 The Changing Memories and Meanings of World War One Expressed Through Public Commemorations. Sam Walls, University of Exeter.

2.30-2.55 Mass Graves and the Spanish Civil War: archaeological research on fascist repression in Eastern Spain Enrique R. Gil Hernandez & Ma. Paz de Miguel Ibanez. Alicante University.

2.55-3.20 Chair & Discussant: Dr John Moreland University of Sheffield.

Urban Topographies

3.50-4.15 Radical topographies in the early modern city: the cultural landscapes of faith and politics in Norwich, 1580-1780. Chris King, University of Leicester.

4.15-4.40 "... Now there, they're packed aff to hell. An' banish'd our dominions..."Ideological Reformation and Material Reformations in Early-modern Perth, Scotland. Megan E Edwards. University of Chicago

4.40-5.05 Discipline, church, and landscape: material culture & social hierarchy in a small town, Tornio Northern Finland, during the 17th and 18th centuries. Timo Ylimaunu, Oulu University.

5.05-5.30 Chair & Discussant: Dr Harold Mytum University of York.

6.30-8.30 Evening Reception - Sheffield Millenium Galleries

Keynote address: Professor Henry Glassie

Saturday 24th November

Artifacts of Faith

8.45-9.10 Catholic Artifacts in a Protestant Landscape: A Multi-vocal Approach to the Religiosity of Jamestown's Colonists Travis G Parno, Boston University. B R Fortenberry. Bristol University.

9.10-9.35 The Modernisation of the North in the Emerging Swedish Empire - a Mercantile Bubble. Risto Nurmi, Oulu University.

9.35-10.00 Articles of Faith and Decency: the Huguenot refugees. Greig Parker, University of Sheffield.

10.00-10.25 Pulling the wool over their eyesP Protestant dissent and social identity in the South West woollen industry 1760-1860. Claire Strachan. University of Leicester.

10.25-10.50 Faith in the Familiar, Hope for Change: Trans-Atlantic Perspectives on ISth-Century Clothing. Carolyn L White. University of Nevada.

10.50-11.20 Tea & Coffee

11.20-11.45 Houses of Action: Hope and Faith in Archaeologies of Household-based Activism Kirn Christensen, University of California, Berkeley.

11.45-12.10 Colony Mill Road: two generations of hope Stacy Kozakavich, University of California, Berkeley.

12.10-12.35 Archaeology & Paganisms: a clash of cultures? Nick Hanks & Yvonne Aburrow, English Heritage & Bath Spa University.

12.35-1.00 Chair & Discussant: Professor Mary Beaudry Boston University

Contested Landscapes & Regeneration

2.20-2.45 Faith, Hope and Charity in Contract Archaeology? The Grand Arcade, Cambridge. Craig Oessford, Cambridge Archaeological Unit

2.45-3.10 "Believe, Hon": Markets, Faith, and Archaeology in 21st Century Baltimore David Gadsby. University of Maryland.

3.10-3.35 Art, archaeology and local identity in changing urban places James Dixon, University of the West of England.

3.35-4.00 Tea & coffee

4.00-4.25 Rossport, County Mayo: Solidarity and archaeology in a

contested landscape Eve Campbell. Finbar Dwyer, Franc Myles. Rossport Solidarity Camp.

4.25-4.50 Indigenous Missionaries and the future past: the archaeology of the Ghost Dance at the end of the world. David W Robinson. University of Bristol;

4.50-5.15 Methodists in Paradise. Jonathan Prangnell & Kate Quirk University of Queensland.

5.15-5.40 Chair & Discussant: Dr Dan Hicks University of Oxford.


Reception and Ceilidh (venue & details to be confirmed)

Sunday 25th November

Confinement & Resistance

9.30-9.55 Parliament House Void: A Victorian Prison Cell. Vicky Olesky, AOC Archaeology Group.

9.55-10.20 Silent resistance and the V-sign campaign in Channel Islander internee camps in Germany during WWII Gillian Carr, University of Cambridge.

10.20-10.45 Faith, Hope, and Charity in America's World War II Internment Camps: Japanese American patriotism and defiance at Manzanar. Jeff Burton, U.S. National Parks Service

10.45-11.10 Manifestations of faith and hope in a place of fear: Long Kesh/Maze prison site, Northern Ireland. Laura McAtackney, University of Bristol.

11.10-11.35 Between Two Faiths: Acculturation, Resistance And the Construction of Aboriginality. Jeff Oliver. University of Sheffield

11.35-12.00 Tea & coffee

12.00-12.30 Chair & Discussant: Dr Eleanor Conlin Casella University of Manchester.