News: Covid 19  -  Santiago de Compostela 2021  -  Black Lives Matter


Covid Announcement

Dear all

This message is unlikely to come as a surprise. Due to future uncertainties regarding the Covid-19 pandemic and its effects on health, travel, work, and other aspects of our lives, the CHAT Standing Committee and the local organising team have decided to postpone this year’s CHAT for one calendar year. We have secured a venue in Santiago, Spain for *5-7 November 2021* and the theme of ‘Pilgrim CHAT’ will remain the same – focusing on movement. Holding the conference in Santiago in 2021 will be particularly fitting. Next year is the next Holy Year on the Camino de Santiago when pilgrims will be walking the trail or returning to walk the trail.

Postponing the conference means that we are actively exploring the potential for alternatives to our traditional meeting. Something different, possibly many things, will be happening to replace Pilgrim CHAT in November 2020. Please bear with us while we develop our ‘Plan B.’ In other words, we will make further announcements in due course!

From us, stay well

The CHAT Standing Committee & the Pilgrim CHAT organising team


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PilgrimCHAT was going to walk the Camino in 2020 on a themed conference around the concept of “Movement”. However, due to the uncertainty of the World post-Covid-19 that will follow us for some weeks more, we decided it was risky for all to continue with the plans as they were. Luckily, we had delayed the announcement and we have been able to postpone it for 2021.

PilgrimCHAT will take place 5-7 November 2021 in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. It is going to happen in the middle of a Holy Year, Xacobeo´21, so we can expect a lively busy city full of pilgrims like us. Soon we will announce more details about the conference to be able to plan with plenty of time. For the moment remember the theme: Movement, understood in a very wide way. Meanwhile, take care and get ready for the digital event we are planning for this year. 


Black Lives Matter

In light of the events that we are living these days, the CHAT Standing Committee acknowledges the injustice, inequality, and institutional racism faced by Black people around the world and we recognise that Black Lives Matter. We aim to provide a platform to champion the work of our colleagues of colour, as well as colleagues who find themselves in difficult positions all around the world.

Therefore, the Standing Committee will work to make our conferences, meetings, publishing platforms, social media pages, and our other social and academic spheres safe, unifying, energising, supportive, and egalitarian for all members regardless of race, class, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, or dis/ability. Archaeology is inherently political, and can be easily used by those who wish to interpret the past in ways that support racist, colonial, and imperialistic narratives with a strong effect in the present. As a community, we must adopt a no-tolerance position to such misuses of archaeology and history in order to lay the foundations for a 'new normal' with equality at its forefront.