Studies in Contemporary and Historical Archaeology

Studies in Contemporary and Historical Archaeology is a new series of edited and single authored volumes intended to make available current work on the archaeology of the recent and contemporary past in a timely fashion. The series is published by Archaeopress as part of the British Archaeological Reports (BAR) series of monographs.

The series brings together contributions from academic historical archaeologists, professional archaeologists and practitioners from cognate disciplines who are engaged with archaeological material and practices. The series includes work from the traditions of historical and contemporary archaeology and material culture studies from Europe, North America, Australia and elsewhere around the world. It promotes innovative and creative approaches to later historical archaeology, showcasing this increasingly vibrant and global field, and celebrating its diversity, through extended and theoretically engaged case studies. The proceedings of CHAT conferences are normally published as part of joint or individual edited volumes in the series.

Proposals are invited from emerging and established scholars interested in publishing in, or editing volumes to be published as part of the series.

To learn more about individual volumes within the series or to purchase copies of the monographs please visit the BAR Publishing website.

Current volumes in the series include:

Other CHAT related publications

  • Papers from the 2007 Sheffield CHAT conference were recently published as Historical Archaeologies of Cognition: Explorations into Faith, Hope and Charity, edited by James Symonds, Anna Badcock and Jeff Oliver (Equinox 2013). See further information here
  • Papers from the 2011 Boston CHAT conference were published as Archaeologies of Mobility and Movement, edited by Mary Beaudry and Travis Parno (Springer, 2013). See further information here»
  • Papers from the 2009 CHAT@TAG session were published as a special guest edited volume of Archaeologies journal: Perspectives on the Recent Past, Archaeologies 6(1) 2010, edited by Brent Fortenberry and Adrian Myers. See further information here»
  • Papers from the 2010 Aberdeen CHAT conference were published as: Oliver, J.M. & Curtis, N. (eds) (2015). 'Contemporary and Historical Archaeology of the North'. Historical Archaeology, vol 49, no. 1.
    See further information here»
    And on the SHA website.

Journal of Contemporary Archaeology

  • General Editor
    Rodney Harrison
    , University College London
  • Co-Editors
    Laurie Wilkie , University of California, Berkeley (North America)
    Alfredo González-Ruibal
    , Spanish National Research Council (Continental Europe)
  • Associate Editor
    Cornelius Holtorf
    , Linnaeus University

The editors and Equinox Publishing are pleased to announce the launch of a new journal devoted to the study of contemporary archaeology and invite submissions for publication, commencing with the first issue in Spring 2014.

Journal of Contemporary Archaeology is the first dedicated, international, peer-reviewed journal to explore archaeology’s specific contribution to understanding the present and recent past. It is concerned both with archaeologies of the contemporary world, defined temporally as belonging to the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries, as well as with reflections on the socio-political implications of doing archaeology in the contemporary world. In addition to its focus on archaeology, JCA encourages articles from a range of adjacent disciplines which consider recent and contemporary material-cultural entanglements, including anthropology, cultural studies, design studies, history, human geography, media studies, museology, psychology, science and technology studies and sociology. Acknowledging the key place which photography and digital media have come to occupy within this emerging subfield, JCA includes a regular Photo Essay feature and provides space for the publication of interactive, web-only content on its website.


Call for Papers

Journal of Contemporary Archaeology will publish articles in a number of different formats, ranging from in-depth Discussion Articles, to be accompanied by comments from relevant researchers and an author’s reply; regular Research Articles which are generally shorter and more case-driven; Interviews comprising occasional, edited discussions between researchers and individuals whose academic or creative work makes a contribution to understanding the archaeology and materiality of the contemporary world; Forums, a series of short responses to previously circulated questions; and, as noted above, Photo Essays. Potential contributors should consult the Journal's Guidelines which can be found on the journal's website